A Look at the Best Female Skateboarders Out there

A few decades back, it seemed as if there’s hardly any place for girls in the skateboarding world. It used to be just dominated by men (it still is to a considerable extent though).

However, that’s changing. A growing number of women are getting into the excitingly adventurous world of skateboarding, and some of them have already made their mark.

So let us take a look at the best female skateboarders out there that are serving as an inspiration for many other women that wanted to get into skateboarding since long but didn’t had anyone to look up to.

Patti McGee

If you don’t know who Patti McGee is, you probably aren’t really aware of the interesting history of skateboarding. McGee was the first female skater to set her foot in the professional skateboarding world, and set the fastest record for a female skater back in 1964. She was also the first women skater to make her way into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

She served as a major inspiration for many other women out there that were afraid to explore an “unknown territory” seemingly reserved for men.

Alana Smith

At just the age of 16, Alana Smith has a surprisingly large number of accomplishments to her name. From being the youngest player to win in the X Games to being the first female skater to perform the highly advanced McTwist trick in a professional competition, she is indeed one of the most popular names out there as far as female skateboarders are concerned. Her popularity is clearly reflected in the massive following she has on Instagram.

Amelia Brodka

Amelia Brodka is one of the more experienced professional skateboarders out there. However, her achievements aren’t just limited to being a part of major competitions, but she has also worked hard to ensure women have an easier access to the skateboarding world.

She had released a documentary in 2013 that helped recognize the women skateboarding community, as well as reveal how the media and industry looks at it. She even used her skills as a platform to create more opportunities for women looking to get into skateboarding.

Cara-Beth Burnside

Popularly known as CB, Cara-Beth is not only one of the top names in the female skateboarding world, but also one of the best female snowboarders out there. She’s from Orange, California, and believed to be the pioneer of both professional female skateboarding and snowboarding, besides having as many as 16 skateboarding medals to her name. She has won in some of the most prestigious competitions such as X Games and All Girl Skate Jam.

She’s has also been very successful as a snowboarder, winning titles in major snowboarding competitions such as the Grand Prix, Vans Triple Clown and X Games. She was also a part of the first US Olympic snowboarding team in 1998, where she ended up finishing 4th.

She is also the first female skateboarder to have a signature skate shoe, and an inspiration to many women skaters, including even some of the other names mentioned in this article.